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The Goodbye Songs Playlist

Farewells are never easy. A little hole opens in your heart as you watch your past fly away on a jet plane. Whether you’re glad to see it go or will miss the old days, this playlist helps you find the words to say goodbye. Read more… Source link

Seven Ways to Draw Perfect Circles Without a Compass

If you have a project that calls for a perfectly drawn circle and you don’t have a compass, worry not. You can draw perfect circles of all sizes with a few basic office supplies or using only your hands. Read more… Source link

The Most Common Cocktail Sweeteners and How to Use Them

If there’s one ingredient that most cocktails call for, it’s some kind of sweetener. But between all the syrups, sugars, and honeys, things can get confusing. Here’s what you need to know to mix the best drinks at home. Read more… Source link

Make It Easier to Medicate Your Dog with DIY Pill Pockets

Getting your dog to take pills can be tough since they’re often not so tasty, and while pill pockets help, the store-bought treats designed for such a purpose can get expensive fast. Make these three-ingredient pill pockets to cut down on costs and make medicating your dog easier. Read more… Source link

This Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week. Read more… Source link

Make Instant, Four-Ingredient Ice Cream With Snow

Mixing ingredients for homemade ice cream is easy—it’s the freezing that’s the hard part. It drives us impatient people mad. If the weather outside is frightful, use the snow to your advantage. Read more… Source link

Elevate Home-Cooked Steak Dinners by Pre-Heating Your Plates

Restaurants use a clever trick to make their steaks seem better than the ones you cook at home, and it’s all in the plating. You can easily use the same trick at home and make your already great steak dinners even better. Read more… Source link