How to Pass the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-102) Certification


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Note: This exam will be retired on June 30, 2019.

In this article, I provide the material that I used to study and pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-102 exam. Last year, Microsoft started retiring** several well known exam certifications for Azure and other disciplines. This news was released back in July 2018 during the Microsoft Inspire Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main idea behind this was to keep up with the trends in the digital economy of companies needing specialized Microsoft technical experts each with different core competencies.

When Microsoft announced that it planned to retire all of the Microsoft Azure related certifications, I thought that it would be a setback for my Azure certification track – causing me to have to start from scratch again (I already passed the 533- Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam). However, when they released a new role-based certification called Azure Administrator, they left a bread crumb with an accompanying transition exam called AZ-102.

The AZ-102 exam is a transition exam for people who have already successfully passed 70-533 (Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions). Instead of having to pass two exams, people only need to pass one exam to obtain an Azure Administrator (MCSA) certification. Two for one! – Buy One Get One (BOGO) certification – not bad at all. It is also cheaper than the normal certifications – $99 at the moment in the US versus $165. So there is a slight savings in exam cost. The only caveat is that it is only available for a limited time – expiring on June 30, 2019.

I found some great resources to study for the AZ-102 exam. It is basically a delta exam for features that have changed since the 07-533 exam in Azure. If you have a LinkedIn Learning account (small plug to my company… lol) then I think that the course from Sharon Bennett was really helpful. If not, then the exam outline on PixelRobot was really useful, it gives the Microsoft how-to articles for each piece of the exam (basically a combination of Part 1 AZ-100 and Part 2 AZ-101 = AZ-102). I suggest that you use the Azure portal (open a free monthly trial if you don’t have an account) and practice both the GUI and the PowerShell\AzureCLI implementation for each feature that you are learning – hands-on styled approach. The information by itself is really dry, in my opinion, and does not provide the full context on how everything fits together for troubleshooting and implementation. Also, if you want a tool for testing your Azure knowledge for exam prep, the MeasureUp practice exam helped a lot – a bit pricey $119.

Study Resources

Instructor: Sharon Bennett Course: Prepare for the AZ-102 Exam (LinkedIn Learning) Course Video

Overview of the transition exam:

PixelRobot (Study Resources for AZ-102):

MeasureUp (AZ-102) Practice Test:

Book Exam

Take the AZ-102 exam:

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** List of Microsoft Certifications being retired:

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