How does Microsoft Intune transform Android enterprise management? Let me count the ways

With Android Enterprise, Google raises the bar for management of mobile devices and services. Additional management capabilities and improved consistency across the Android ecosystem enable you to confidently deploy Android devices in your enterprise. From the enterprise mobility management (EMM) perspective, Android Enterprise replaces legacy Device Administration API (referred to as device admin in this article)… Read More »

Qualcomm expands its PC bet with its new 7nm 8cx platform

Qualcomm wants to become a major player in the PC/laptop market. Now that there is Windows 10 on ARM, that’s more than a pipe dream, but in its earliest iterations, those Qualcomm-based Windows 10 laptops used the Snapdragon 850 system on a chip that was specifically designed for PCs but still very much a direct… Read More »

TIOBE’s Latest Language Rankings are a Little ‘Ya Basic’

This month’s edition of the TIOBE Index, which ranks the popularity of various programming languages, has a surprise: Microsoft’s Visual Basic .NET has climbed into fifth place, its highest ever. Meanwhile, Visual Basic .NET’s predecessor, “classic” Visual Basic, still lingers in nineteenth place on TIOBE’s list. “Professional software developers don’t think much of Visual Basic,”… Read More »

AI is helping people regain mobility and control over their lives

Artificial Intelligence is an intriguing prospect on many levels, but it’s where AI directly affects people and improves their lot where things get really exciting. Case in point is the collaboration between Hoobox Robotics and Intel, which has seen the conception, design and eventual creation of the world’s first motorized wheelchair package powered by facial… Read More »

HypeHop is a product to fix sponsored videos

I’ve been thinking hard about the concept of sponsored content — you can find some of it on TechCrunch if you look hard enough, and it appears almost everywhere else. It’s an important consideration, because as an online journalist I’ve heard everything from “How much did Apple pay you to post this?” to “How much… Read More »

Using the Fully Qualified Domain Name for Remote Control in System Center Configuration Manager

Hello everyone, Jonathan Warnken here. I am a Premiere Field Engineer (PFE) for Microsoft. I primarily support Configuration Manager and today I want to talk about creating a custom console extension to allow the use of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) when starting a remote-control session. If you work in a multi domain environment… Read More »

The nation-state of the internet

The internet is a community, but can it be a nation-state? It’s a question that I have been pondering on and off this year, what with the rise of digital nomads and the deeply libertarian ethos baked into parts of the blockchain community. It’s clearly on a lot of other people’s minds as well: when… Read More »